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Speed dating singapore flyer

The front sleeve design is a painting by Bob himself - neither Bob's name nor the album title appear on the front sleeve of the US and most other worldwide releases.

The photographs on the back and inside the gatefold sleeve show Bob at Woodstock, at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1969, and in Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN, recording the album.

Most US first pressings have this style, but Jon Mc Auliffe says the mid-west Columbia pressing plant had stocks of the old labels to use up first! This copyright was never listed on Self Portrait record labels and was withdrawn by Big Sky in 1975. There are red ring-shaped "CBS" stickers on all the record labels.

The various differences between the US record labels can be summarised by these differences on the Side 1 label: Second 1971 "new style label" (Jeremy Mayle's copy): Song titles on ten lines, all the song titles are in upper case, Days of '49 is credited to "F. The matrix numbers of this copy are: Side 1 - XSM 153504the single tape reel came in a hinged box made of black card with a printed wraparound label with the album artwork on the front, spine and rear, and a separate white label with black text on the box top. This single cassette release has a folded insert, the reverse of which has details of other Columbia artists cassette releases (Nashville Skyline and Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits are listed).

Nevertheless, their interest value or scarcity means they're worth listing here - as far as I know some are not included on any other Internet site.

(Living The Blues is track 3 instead of track 5, so Woogie Boogie and Belle Isle become tracks 4 and 5)Side 3: Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go); Copper Kettle; Gotta Travel On; Blue Moon; The Boxer; The Mighty Quinn (live) (Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) is track 1 instead of track 6, so the other tracks are 2-6). Warner" is Frank Warner (1903-78), a North Carolina singer, banjoist and folk music collector who performed solo and with his wife Anne from the 1930s to the end of the 1960s. The record labels are the 1970s design with handwritten Rene Kejlskov Jrgensen has a copy of the first 1971 US release with new style record labels sold in Denmark with the "Columbia" logo on the rear sleeve and the "Columbia" logos partly covered by shaped grey "CBS" stickers on the record labels. Banke has another 1971 release copy, also bought in Denmark, that has no CBS sticker in the upper right corner of the rear sleeve, but there are glue marks that look like there has been one that has fallen off.The 4CD limited edition of this album includes a disc with the full 17 song performance by Bob Dylan and The Band from the Isle Of Wight Festival, , from which Like A Rolling Stone, The Mighty Quinn, Minstrel Boy and She Belongs To Me appear on this 1970 release. Thanks to Jeff Gold, Bruce Mulle, Arie de Reus and several others for news of 149 Dylan acetates from the Nashville Skyline/Self Portrait/New Morning era that were found in a New York building in West Houston Street, Greenwich Village, that was once rented by Bob as a studio.The original handbill from Manuel Garca Jara for the 1969 Isle of Wight Festival (10" x 5") has a picture of Bob from Nashville Skyline on the front with a list of the artists performing on both days, while the rear includes a form to use to order tickets. These have been named "The West Houston Street Acetates" and contain many unreleased versions of Dylan songs from the period.This page is part of a list of original releases by release date of international commercially-released regular stereo Dylan albums.They do not contain rarities or obscurities and are not eligible for the list.

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Like the US release, the original Canadian release of this album had red 1960s style Columbia labels with the white "STEREO/360 SOUND" logo (this is the first time the white logo was used on a Canadian Dylan record, even though it was first used for the labels of Highway 61 Revisited in 1965 in the USA). Banke has a mid-1970s Canadian copy of Columbia C2X 30050 bought in Sweden where the Columbia logos on the rear sleeve have been obscured with black marker pen.

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